Casio WQV11CR Wrist Camera Watch
Your very own James Bond gadget
WQV11CR Wrist Camera Watch

Anyone who was ever a kid knows that one of the coolest ideas ever is the gadget watch. If you've watched enough movies or read enough comic books, you know that with the right wristwatch you can change into a secret identity, talk to your fellow policemen, or control giant robots. Now, courtesy of the awkwardly named Wrist Camera Watch, you can release your inner secret agent.

With the slightly bulky Wrist Camera Watch on your wrist (where else?), you can snap up to 100 greyscale images simply by pointing the watch at something and pressing the large silver button. Later, you can download the images to your PC wirelessly, through the infrared port.

It's certainly a cool idea, but don't plan on photographing the secret plans just yet. With a meager 120 x 120 resolution and only 16-level greyscale, you can't do much more than close-up shots. Even sighting your subject is difficult; using the watch's LCD screen in anything but perfect lighting is an exercise in frustration and eyestrain. If you want to make quick ID cards or just pretend to be James Bond, by all means jump on the Wrist Camera Watch. Otherwise, stick to the comics.

Originally printed in The Computer Paper (July 2001)
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