Tracy Quan
"I haven't decided whether to write a Nancy Chan sequel... but fiction, certainly."
Emru Townsend: Are you planning to write more fiction?

Tracy Quan: Like, yes!!

More Nancy, more sex work-related stuff in general, or...?

I haven't decided whether to write a Nancy Chan sequel... but fiction, certainly, and it's hard to avoid thinking about the changes taking place in New York, how everything from fashion to friendship can look a little different after this event. [This part of the conversation took place a few weeks after the World Trade Center attacks of September 11, 2001 --Ed.]

A parting question: Would you recommend being a call girl as a career to anyone?

Nope, and I doubt I ever will. Nor do I recommend being a writer. In fact, recommending careers for other people has never been a significant part of my schtick. You can't know what will satisfy another person--it's hard enough to wrestle with your own limitations, drives and fantasies. To start tinkering with another person's ambition is quite dangerous.

My feeling is that, if it's meant to be, you'll find your way into the profession by yourself. If you are really cut out for prostitution--the competition, disapproval of others, religious and legal prohibitions, these things will not discourage you at all. If you're a natural born hooker, complications and risks are part of the job. You can't recommend this to people--they have to know on some deeper level going in whether this is what they want.

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A Critical Eye exclusive (November 12, 2001) 

Photo credit: Hugh Loebner
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