Peter Chung
"That's what Æon Flux does in her spare time. She receives clients and dominates them."
Emru Townsend: There are certain bits within Æon Flux where there's sort of a sexual undercurrent every once in a while, one of the funniest being in the first season when she's in the elevator with Trevor and, I forget the other woman that's in there, and she's watching them and she's running her gun through the little rung there. But every so often there's a little something that makes you wonder what's going on. And other times, she seems to display a somewhat sadistic side. Are these related in any way?

Peter Chung: Well, that aspect of her was fairly vaguely defined in the first series of shorts. In the new episodes, which is really where my mind is at the moment, she's been defined in the series bible as a dominatrix. In the first episode that you saw, she receives a client who comes and gives her a pedicure and starts licking her feet...

You've got that foot thing going again.

That's what she does in her spare time. She receives clients and dominates them. Otherwise, the way that that works in the show is that we're not allowed to show hardcore genital penetration shots [laughs] so to get the sexual element into the show we sort of have to use a more kinky approach to sex. I mean things that wouldn't normally be sexual take on sexual innuendo. I try to come up with substitutes for sex organs. Obviously, something like a gun is a sexual symbol. But in episode three of the new shows, one of the characters has a spinal injury, in which one of her vertebrae is removed, and there's a gap in the middle of her back and it becomes a sexual orifice.

Wow. [laughs]

[laughs] It serves the function. It becomes a source of pleasure for her. And in episode nine, which I'm working on now, there's a group of female characters in search of these machines that are fairly phallic-shaped at the tip, [and they put them in] their belly buttons. So the belly button becomes a sexual orifice. In episode ten, the eye socket becomes a sexual orifice.

Man. Is this in any way related to... In the "alien egg" episode in the second season, Æon is walking around and she goes to the closet and she finds Trevor in this gear licking something. Now that, to me, looked like he was in some kind of bondage game. Is that what's supposed to be happening, or is it just far too weird for me to comprehend?

Yeah, well, if you notice, her kitchen is lined with a lot of different cabinets.

Oh, God. There's a different person in each one, isn't there? [laughs]


I didn't think of that. That's great.

She's got a long list of clients.

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