Keith David & Greg Weisman
"I thought, Keith is so great as Goliath, but he doesn't get to cut loose."
Emru Townsend: I assume [you don't get approached by people who recognize you] very often in this case.

Keith David: It's not something that happens to you every day. But when it does it's very sweet.

Greg Weisman: I think what he means is, not a lot of people visually recognize you as Goliath [laughs]

KD: That is true. What has been happening more lately--of course, I also put in my bio, I say I do the voice of Goliath, but some people go--you know, I say something, and it's a funny thing when you work in this business, people will talk out loud in front of you like you're not there. And somebody will say, [stage whispering] "I think that's the guy that does Goliath!"


KD: "Lemme hear him talk, lemme!" And they'll follow me!

GW: I think all he has to do is say "My angel of the night", and they all... [everyone laughs]

KD: [I know] a lady, she's got two small children, and they're Gargoyles freaks. And when mom introduced me and said, "This is Goliath," I mean, this kid leapt on me like an organ monkey. I mean, it was really wonderful. They had a huge house, and he was just all over the place, you know, "Oh, God, Goliath! Can you say, 'We are gargoyles'?" It was funny. I enjoyed that so much. And my son says, "Daddy--arrrrhhhh..." [laughs] He says, "Daddy! [low voice] I'm Goliath. Arrrrhhh..."

[laughs] How old's your son?

KD: Three.

Three. So I'm presuming he doesn't quite have your voice yet.

GW: He's working on it.

KD: He's got a low of his own.

Do you figure he's going to eventually follow in your footsteps?

KD: If he chooses to do that, I won't discourage him.

GW: One thing that was fun about the show is, we discover things along the way. When we had made the first five episodes, we were simultaneously mixing them for television and for this special theatrical release that we were doing down in Disneyworld that Keith and I went to. So I'm in this mix session for the theatrical version, which wound up being on the home video that was released. And they're mixing this thing, and they keep playing it backwards. So the name Goliath, I keep hearing it backwards as Thailog, over and over and over again. And that just gave me the notion there--two things came to the creation of Thailog. One was literally the sound of the name pronounced backwards, as the tape went back through, over and over again as we kept mixing these scenes. And the second is I thought, Keith is so great as Goliath, but he doesn't get to cut loose. And I just had this idea of Keith as a... mega-Goliath laughing maniacally, and I came up with this line which we wound up putting in the script, where they're describing someone to [Goliath] and they thought it was Goliath, but it turns out it was Thailog. But before they realize that it wasn't Goliath, Goliath says, "I'm not it the habit of laughing maniacally on a hill." And Hudson turns to him and says, "Do you even know how to laugh maniacally?" [everyone laughs]

That was a great line.

GW: And we put that in there because we wanted--Thailog was a really fun character for me, in the episodes that we did.

I have a particular fondness for evil twins, so that episode was pretty fun.

GW: It was a lot of fun and we loved to bring him back, because it was just great to hear Keith argue with Keith [everyone laughs] with the same voice, but so stylistically different. I mean, this is why this guy is so great. You never had to guess, who said what. You didn't have to be looking at mouth movements to say who's Goliath and who's Thailog. And yet, it's not like he was doing a different voice. It was all about [the] personalities of these two guys, who are so different.

Keith did other voices for us, in small parts. Morgan the cop is Keith.

KD: A couple of thugs.

GW: And a few thugs here and there. You know, whenever we needed to pull someone for one or two lines in there. But what was great was putting Goliath up against Thailog and watching Keith have these conversations with himself. [everyone laughs]

Licensed schizophrenia.

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